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Monday, June 28, 2010

Tobin's LOVES

Tobin is a chip off the ol-block. He LOVES the computer. Every time Rob sits down at the computer(or anyone for that matter) Tobin wants to be on their lap. We finally got out one of Rob's old keyboards and put it next to our computers.

This morning we woke at 7am to the noise of a jack hammer. We have had a sink hole in the back of our house for a couple of months now and the city is fixing it today. We will finally be able to park our car in the carport. They are having to dig a 14 foot hole to fix the sewer line that's causing the sink hole. Well, this whole process has been quite entertaining for the toddler in our house. Tobin LOVES trucks and tractors. He spent about an hour this morning watching a dump truck and some kind of a tractor in our backyard. He kept saying "Woah" and then giggling. From the looks of things we're going to be entertained for quite awhile.


Vince Black said...

tobin's hair is amazing!

evie said...

that's really cute!