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Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Yeah, that's how daddy mows the yard"

Look who's standing and pulling up-finally!!!!


We enjoyed an old fashion Easter Egg Hunt. Corwin wasn't so sure of the giant bunny. I don't blame him. And then it snowed(Crazy weather) We did a little Egg Dying.Tobin was amazed!!! :) And then we decorated the eggs with Grandpa. We made resurrection rolls(aka crescent rolls with marshmallows inside). Corwin was mad that Jesus(his marshmallow)was gone. He cried and didn't want to eat the roll. He kept saying "There's a hole, There's a hole". Tobin kept looking at the roll trying to find the marshmallow. Grandma and Grandpa came for lunch and we had our own little egg hunt in the backyard. It was a lovely way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

St. Patty's Day

So, there's something to be said about Good Ole Small Town Parades. We decided to attend the St. Louis, downtown St. Patty's Day Parade. OH, WOW!!!!!!! I knew it was going to big and read somewhere that it's one of the largest in the US but REALLY???!!!!! We got there about 45 minutes early and couldn't even get our stroller through the crowd. It was CRAZY!!!! It was definitely an adult parade. Our poor kiddos weren't able to reach any of the candy and couldn't see much of the parade. Good thing we paid 3$ for parking and not 10$ for parking. It was an hour out of the house and a lesson learned.

Getting Ready for the New Baby

Tobin is preparing to give the new baby shots and blood pressure checks. Corwin is preparing to read to the new little guy.

Sick Day

Wednesday, March 13, 2013