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Friday, August 13, 2010

What Big brother has been up to

We are in full toddler mode. Tobin is into everything and keeping him occupied/entertained is a full time job.

One night I was cooking dinner and Tobin emptied this cabinet and made it his little hide out. He kept opening the door and saying "hello". Hey, I was able to prepare dinner and Tobin was fully entertained.

When grandma was staying with us she let Tobin watch her make a meal(thanks grandma). Now, every time I'm putting a meal together Tobin goes over to the stool and whines. He wants me to pull the stool over to the counter so he can "help". Tobin loved helping me make playdough on this day.

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evie said...

you're such a good mom...making play dough! you'll have to teach me how.